Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Charlotte Cyclocross Race

It's been a few days since the last post. Only after saying in the last post I'm Back and ready to do this again!
What Everrrr! (gay cali-surfer voice)
So to catch ya up.The kid now has 6 teeth

The race on Saturday was a blast. I had some time to dial in my new camera

I have decided to start a BlogWar with my old (and I use the term OLD loosely) messenger friends from downtown. These guys are cranking out something new everyday. While I shit out a few words every other month or so. I have yet to tell them, in hopes they will one day read and reply to my rubbish.
This is it boys  BLOG WARS

Ok now that that's outta the way. On to the Race Pix!

Taken not far from Jordan's Hounds of Hell. He was quoted in saying "Last lap you magets! Go faster or I'm gonna sick my dawgs on ya"

Sand trap AKA Sarlac Pit


Ok that about sums it up for today. Stay tuned to see what happenes tomorrow.

Friday, 6 November 2009

The full moon made for a nice shot of my city.

West Charlotte, just a few miles from Downtown. Thats my side of town,where I was raised. We were a poor white family back in the 70's. The thing is. Back then as a kid, you never would have known the difference. Everyone around my neighborhood lived just like us and it was blissful. I had a chance to drive back to my old hood yesterday. I wanted to show my kid where her PoPPa was from. That place looks beat up . I would have never driven through here at night. My old house has seen better days. The 3 pines that stood tall in the middle of the yard like they were om an island have long been gone. The cedar tree at the left front of the yard was missing too. The dogwood next to the house where I first learned to climb was gone. All of the shrubs along the front,under my bed room windows have been pulled out. My Granny's side fence has now become a place to hang your wet clothing from. The GRASS HILL, where I spent thousands of kid hours playing Star Wars and riding my bike down, now on had a fence on it. The first time I was bitten by a dog, I was rolling down that hill. The apple, cherry and pear trees in the back yard were gone. These three trees were at least 20 years old when I was 8. I have never seen those kinds of trees that size since. It makes me wonder,WHAT kind of people would destroy all the life that yard had to offer?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Man, how time flys

OK so it has been a few months since the last post. Not much time these days to tap the keys on my laptop. With the new kid, now 6 months old and everything that happens in between. I've just let the blog fall to the side.A few updates to get ya up to speed. The blog was gonna be about being a new PoPPa and all that goes along with it. But I find my self wanting to post up other news aswell.
So Be It!
& it has been said.
(Typed) - (2 finger typing that is)
So I sold my motor bike. Yeah, I know. Fuck it!
We bought a car for our family to get around in. With a little left over to spend on ME, I upgraded my hobby of photography. I went from a Canon ELF Point and Shoot to a Nikon D90. So be on the look out for a shit_ton of random shots.

More news. The kid has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. She eats everything we feed her. She rolled over just last friday. There is an Urban Cyclocross race going on here in my town. Guess who is shooting all the action shots. These races were started to bridge the gap from the Summer Series to Winter Short Track. X-Messenger Lee Flyth put it all together him self. Not bad for a No Budget Race. StarWars in concert this Saturday. Me and the Wife's anniversary next Sunday in Charleston, SC
I'm know there is more updates, but who cares.
Not like anyone reads my Bantha PooDoo anyway.

Monday, 24 August 2009

5 year plan underway

Not even 20 minutes ago, I sold my 2006 Triumph Speed Triple.
For the last few months I've hardly even glanced at her.
She spent most of the pregnancy in the Manderbuilt Estate on her jack stands and hooked up to the tender to stay warm through the cold months.
Ok, I'm not sure what else to say, I'm not sure all of this has set in for me. I feel like I need to be out at the bar, Drinking because I've lost a dear friend.
Maybe tomorrow

Friday, 21 August 2009

Big Day today

Big news today!

Stella did a few push-ups! & she has 2 teeth comming in, Oh and I think she is gonna be a Lefty, With red hair.

Did I mention, I'm a stay at home PoPPa? I go by PoPPa these days.
I work (massage) on fridays and mondays from 9-12 and all day saturday and sunday. Michelle goes in to work M-F from 1-6

So It's me and Stella M-F from 1-on.

SO, I'm looking in to those pull behind trailers these days. You know, the ones for kids. She needs to be 18 months for the long hauls. I still have some time to shop around. However, Chariot makes the one I want. It's so bad ass. You can dial in the suspension for streets OR trail. You can make it a stroller, jogger, and even add snow skis to it! Who knew I'd be stoked about a kids pull behind?

I was worried about my cycling and other ways of life coming to a halt when we decided to have Stella. She has only brought more joy in to my life. Now I have a little MiNi Me to play with and take out on the trails.

All for now,

Monday, 20 July 2009

DaDDy Day Care

So it has began. The Next chapter of being a PoPPa.

Michelle started back to work today. She took 9 weeks maternity leave to recover and adjust to the new addition in our lives. As planed, I got a massage job with some flexibility. It works like this. On Mondays and Fridays I work from 9-12. I know, just a few hours. Michelle goes in to work at 1pm M-F and works till 6pm. So as long as I'm home by 12:30 to make the
Switch-Ah-Roo, there is no need for day care. Being in the massage bizz, My Big Money Days are Saturday and Sunday. As for Tuesday - Thursday. I'll most likely be pulling a double with Stella. This will free up Michelle for a few hours before she goes in to work. Giving Michelle her "Me Time" to do her working out and socializing. On those evenings when Michelle gets home, I'll be working in my massage clientele at my office space. As for my "Me Time" I don't know, I'll squeeze it it there somewhere.

Side Note;
I think Michelle drank a lot of coffee this A.M. Stella will not go to sleep. Total fake out. She does the cute little yawn, I rock her to sleep, put her down for the count. Then 8 minutes later she pops back up like she has been asleep for 6 hours. OK so it's Decaff for Michelle tomorrow.
This just in.......
Michelle just called home from work and i told her about Stella's fake outs. She thinks Stella is starting to extend her awake time. Sweet! This means more play time for the two of us!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Primal Instincts

I love my city early in the A.M. Long before the corporate stampede arrives, There is a quietness here. No, a stillness that not many get to witness in this metro. My hour of ME TIME seems to drag along. Some mornings it feels like 2 hours. After the Blue Berry Ugly has seen its last moments of day light. I flush it on down with what is left of my coffee. Pedal over to the ATM to do some banking. Then head back to my bungalow where I trade shifts with my team mate. Tagging her out so that she too can have her " ME TIME"

When you are running low on sleep you start to function on a primal level.
This past week I've been up around 4:30/5am almost every day. When i say up. I mean I've given up on trying to sleep anymore through the night. At this point the primal instincts set in.
Maybe i should call them primal needs. These needs are very basic and a Must Have at this time of day.
1. SEX
This is the reason you should choose a good team mate when you decide to start a family.
My wife understands these Primal Needs as i understand hers. So over the past few days it's been just like that.
1. Wake up! What time is it? 4am! The baby is hungry. Change her if needed and get her to a boob ASAP. Put the baby back to sleep. OK Now I can't sleep. Quality time with the misses.
2. Head out on the bike. Point it towards the up town. Hunter Gatherer mode sets in.
3. Stop in to a Non Bucket Head coffee shoppe for a cup of the high test
4. Oh how i love those Blue Berry Uglys with my coffee.
This is my ME TIME. The time I take for my self to decompress from it all.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

5 Year Plan

No room here for a car seat.

I'm a big kid. Playing in traffic on my 450 Lb. toy

Base camp @ Sun rise.

The Parkway early fall.

Out with the old & In with the new.

The 5 year plan has began.

Stella, the new love of my life leaves me little time to my self these days. No time to sleep, No time to eat and hardly time to take a shit, shower or even shave. That being said. We, Michelle (my wife) and I have noticed that the vehicles we have bought and paid for, no longer work so well for our latest addition to the family. I have a 10 year old 4X4 2 seater truck and a sweet ass motorcycle with a few more years left to pay it off. She has a 8 year old 2 door sedan. We have been tossing around the idea of up grading to another vehicle. One that will provide the family with enough room for Stella and her stuff = 85% and our stuff = 15 %.

We went on a road trip this weekend. Taking the sedan, we also brought along our 14 year old nephew. It was tight. A little too tight for a 3 hour car ride (1 way). Long story short. The motorcycle is the first to go. I've posted it to craigs list along with some sweet pix of the good times i've had on it. This just made sense and it is for the greater good of the family. I have no time to do the kind of motorcycle riding i use to do. With a new born, when will i get to take another 5 day trip on the BRP? No time soon. Thats for sure. It's a monthly payment I could be making on a vehicle that can get us in to the mountains for a family camping trip. Or a trip to Charleston,SC to visit other family for hollidays. Michelle and i have decided that in 5 years ER so we will both get new motorcycles and dog. I guess only time will tell.

All for now.


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